Health Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

If you’ve lost a tooth in a less noticeable place, perhaps you’re not in a hurry to have it replaced. However, not only can a less obvious missing tooth affect the aesthetics of your smile and bite, but neglecting to address the gap can cause bone loss, the shifting and additional wear to existing teeth, and visible structural changes to the face causing wrinkles and accelerate the appearance of aging. Even if you’ve come to terms with having missing teeth, health reasons alone should persuade you to address the gaps.

Dr. Linda Ma, DMD, a Tempe dentist with Smile Innovations, suggests dental implants and bridges as possible avenues to restore your smile and avoid negative health and aging consequences.

What can dental implants do for me?

On a functional and cosmetic level, getting dental implants can improve your bite and the aesthetics of your smile. In addition to improving your overall appearance, implants can help your overall comfort and ability to speak clearly. However, there are numerous health reasons to seek out the procedure at a local practice in Tempe. Dental implants can be a form of preventative medicine by putting the brakes on bone recession, shifting teeth and avoiding the wear down of teeth not typically used for chewing.

Am I a good candidate for dental implants?

For residents of Tempe, dental implants are a reasonable possibility for everyone. However, like any medical procedure, some groups are more at-risk for complications. For patients with cancer there is the potential for an integration conflict between the bone and the titanium implant, but they are not eliminated as candidates because of this possibility. Despite titanium being “bio-compatible” with the body, healing problems can arise particularly in clients with disorders like diabetes.

Okay, but will my insurance cover it?

Finances and a limited insurance plan may ultimately prevent many people who need implants from making the appointment. Dr. Ma explains that the scope of coverage often depends on the employer, but in her experience she has found that about half of insurance plans with dental coverage include dental implants.

My employer might not cover this procedure. What now?

While dental implants are a more permanent and lasting option, Dr. Ma says there is nothing wrong with a bridge as an alternative. To decide the solution that’s best for you, work with your reputable Tempe dentist to find a solution that’s best for you.

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