Giving Your Smile Some Extra ‘Oomph’ Before a Big Event with Cosmetic Dentistry

Even the prettiest smiles could use a little extra “oomph” every once in a while. That’s why Dr. Celso Ross-Araujo DDS says that periodic teeth whitening has become so popular at his cosmetic dentistry practice in Thousand Oaks, California. Men and women who are preparing for holiday parties, anniversary dinners, and other important events will frequently come in for quick whitening touch ups beforehand.

First and foremost, Dr. Ross-Araujo says people visit his cosmetic dentistry practice in Thousand Oaks because they want to have beautiful teeth. Although teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic treatment he offers, it is far from the only treatment. Dr. Ross-Araujo has also worked with patients who were interested in getting porcelain veneers as a way to perk up their teeth in time for a big event.

In Thousand Oaks, cosmetic dentistry practices operate very differently than traditional general dentistry offices. Whereas patients typically wait until they have pain or discomfort before scheduling appointments with their general dentists or family dentists, Dr. Ross-Araujo says patients who visit his cosmetic dentistry practice in Thousand Oaks are much more proactive.

Dr. Ross-Araujo recommends that patients who are thinking of undergoing cosmetic dentistry in Thousand Oaks make sure to come in well advance of the big event they are planning to attend. In most cases, dentists will recommend that patients who are getting porcelain veneers make a consultation with their dentists a few weeks ahead of when they need their new smiles to be in place. That gives the dentist plenty of time to work with a lab to create a set of veneers that the patient is going to be very comfortable with.

As for whitening treatments, Dr. Ross-Araujo recommends that men and women who are planning on undergoing this type of treatment before a big event make sure to come in a few days ahead of time. It is very normal to have a little bit of tooth sensitivity after an in-office whitening treatment, which is why Dr. Ross-Araujo says it is best to come in at least two to three days in advance.

Using this general timeline, the patient could expect to have his teeth whitened on Day One, go through a mild form of discomfort or sensitivity on Day Two, and feel back to normal on Day Three. By coming in for teeth whitening at least three days before any big events, Dr. Ross-Araujo says people can avoid feeling uncomfortable on their big days.

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