Getting a Dental Crown that Will Last

Like many procedures, installing dental crowns in Oakland can be costly. Dr. Ernie Lavorini DDS says insurance companies will typically finance crowns every five years. But at Lavorini Dental Care, Dr. Lavorini would be ashamed if they only lasted that long. Crowns that he has personally installed during the early years of his practice have lasted over 35 years.

Why does a tooth need a crown?

Crowns are needed either to make a tooth functional or aesthetic or both. A tooth is like a five sided box. If one side of the box becomes broken or decayed, a filling can be put into that defect. Likewise, if two or even three sides of the tooth become problematic, it can be repaired with a filling. Because of the composition of filling materials, fillings have a life expectancy of between 3 and 20 years. The larger the filling, the less tooth structure there is to hold it in and the less time it will last.

When the cost of filling the tooth is high and the life expectancy of that filling is low, one should consider investing in a crown. They are more expensive but last far longer than fillings.

Available crown types

There are at least ten different types of crowns currently available. Each option comes with unique advantages and drawbacks.  Here are a few of the varieties:

  1.  Metal alloys including gold and nickel.
  2. Porcelain fused to metal or gold, better looking than metal crowns.
  3. Completely ceramic or porcelain crowns, unequaled in matching the neighboring teeth but not as strong as metal or porcelain fused to metal.
  4. Metal oxide crowns, fairly new on the market, strong and aesthetic but expensive.
  5. Temporary crowns, lasting only months but inexpensive to place.

In deciding what type of dental crowns in Oakland to choose, there are many things to consider. Is the crown in the front or the back? Aesthetics become very important when it is a front crown. When crowns are made of pure porcelain, they are beautiful but not as strong as ones that contain metal or a metal oxide. Porcelain crowns in the back tend to wear the opposing tooth because of the stiffness of the porcelain. Some insurance companies pay for one and not the other. It is important when choosing a dental crown in Oakland that all these things be discussed.

Constructing a dental bridge

Often, offices in Oakland use dental crowns to replace a missing tooth. A tooth on both sides of a missing incisor is prepared to receive a crown with the purpose of anchoring a false tooth–called a pontic–into place. This procedure isn’t just for cosmetic purposes but to remedy and prevent the following issues:

  1. Causing a shift in teeth alignment
  2. Increasing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay
  3. Losing additional, adjacent teeth
  4. Developing a speech disorder
  5. Temporomandibular joint disorder

For those unfamiliar with temporomandibular joint disorder, it is the development of inflammation in the joint connecting your lower jaw to your skull. According to the Cleveland clinic, symptoms include discomfort or chronic pain, “clicking” or “popping” noises in the jaw, difficulty chewing, headaches and hearing problems. If you develop these symptoms, you could find yourself enlisting the help of Dr. Lavorini’s service as an emergency dentist in Oakland.

Getting the most out of your crown

Crowns should last a long time. How long is dependent upon many factors: the fit of the crown, the type of material that was used, the patient’s hygiene around the crown, the natural aging process of the patient, the patient’s habits. When a crown fails, it often can be remade. Dr. Lavorini has been placing crowns in Oakland for over 35 years. In fact, during that time he has placed over 30,000 crowns including the 11 he placed on his wife who is still chewing on them 35 years later. It was love at first bite.

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