Finding a Dental Office That’s Right for You

You might have trouble trusting dentists. Even if you brush furiously the day before a check-up, the dentist still might scold you for bad habits and threaten you with drills and machinery.

So what can someone do to take the anxiety out of going to the dentist in Tempe?

Finding a Caring Staff

A good Tempe dentist will recognize that patients can be uneasy about letting people into their personal space. That’s why it’s important to find a dental practice that’s committed to developing a positive relationship with you and helping you feel as comfortable as possible.

For Dr. Linda Ma, DMD of Smile Innovations, caring is the most important aspect of dentistry. It’s important for your dental practitioner to listen, communicate, and understand the patient’s concerns and what they’re looking for.

“We don’t want to seem like we don’t care,” Dr. Ma says. Her office is interested in building long-term professional relationships with clients and making patients feel like they are a part of the practice. Many people are fearful or ashamed about their dental health, the Tempe dentist explains. Therefore, putting the patient at ease is an essential part of their work.

The importance of compassion should also be understood by all staff members at a dental office. Dr. Ma says her staff is very professional, courteous, and also educated.

Seeking out patient testimonials is also a great way to gauge the quality and care you might expect at a dental practice. If satisfied customers are raving about the staff’s courtesy and service, that dental practice might be worth investigating.

Making a Commitment to Dental Health

Before taking on patients, Dr. Ma meets one on one with the prospects before accepting them as a client. Not every patient is fit for every office. It’s important to find a Tempe dentist that is genuinely invested in your oral health, and the sign of a good practitioner is one that looks for a level of dedication and cooperation from their clientele. A strong professional relationship is a big part of taking the anxiety out of going to the dentist.

Evaluating Your Dentist’s Credentials

Dr. Ma explains that it’s important to find actively involved and progressive dentists who are constantly working to improve and educate themselves.  Membership in professional associations like the American Dental Academy is also a good sign of a quality and involved dentist.

While a skillful and knowledgeable dentist is very important, it’s important to go with your instincts. Being comfortable at the dentist’s office will help make those regular check-ups a lot less dreadful.

Linda Ma is a dentist with
Smile Innovations

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