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Why is a family dentist a good place for a child to visit?

At Butler and Clifton Family Dental, we have families that have come to our office for the past 35 years. Coming to our office since they were children themselves and bringing their children to the dentist is a family tradition.  With care ranging from basic cleans to cosmetic dentist work, our Clifton and Butler offices can provide the oral care solutions you’re looking for. We enjoy being the dentist of choice for the entire family including grandparents, parents, and children.

Parents are the greatest example in teaching and caring for their child’s oral health. Therefore, we invite parents to play an integral role in shaping their child’s first visit to their Butler and Clifton area dentist.  Children find great confidence in seeing the same dentist that their parent or close relative sees.   We have seen many children have a very positive first dental visit primarily because they watched their sibling or parent during a routine dental visit.

Today, a parent could find many children’s books that talk about a “first visit to the dentist”. The American Dental Association collaborated with Sesame Street to produce a great children’s book that talks about Elmo’s first dental visit. Dora the Explorer and other popular cartoon characters have similar books available for parents as a resource. We encourage parents to read these books as a preparation for their child’s first visit to our Butler or Clifton dentist offices. In addition, we encourage the child to observe their older siblings or a parent during their visit to our office for their routine dental check up. We have children as young as two, after watching their older sibling during their routine dental check up, requesting to have their teeth checked right away.

We love children and our dentists and entire staff are very experienced in making children feel comfortable on their first visit.  When we do encounter a child that is anxious, we will stop, take a time out and explore all options with the parents.  Sometimes, the young child will need more than one “first” visit to get acquainted.  One visit is for the child to be introduced to the dental operatory and equipment.   After becoming more relaxed the child becomes very cooperative and another visit is scheduled for the procedures.

Another option is sedation. Our office is equipped with nitrous oxide or laughing gas to help the child relax.   We have had a lot of success with this strategy.  Finally, we do work with pediatric dentists and will refer the child to see the pediatric specialist when we believe the child will be best served by a specialist.  We never insist that a parent leave the child’s presence.

If you are looking for a child, preventative or cosmetic dentist in Clifton or Butler for your family, give our offices a call and make an appointment.

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