Does Bone Loss Make It More Difficult to Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants are giving people with missing teeth a second chance at having the strong, healthy, secure smiles they always wanted. Unfortunately, Postdam, NY, implant dentist Dr. Lee H. Akin DDS PLLC says not every patient with missing teeth is necessarily considered a great candidate for dental implants.

Bone loss can significantly hinder a person’s ability to get dental implants placed. Thankfully, Dr. Akin says oral surgeons now have some solutions that can make it easier for people with bone loss to get dental implants.

To be considered a good candidate for dental implants, an implant dentist in Postdam, NY, must determine that a patient has adequate bone and that he or she is physically healthy. Healthy patients who are non-smokers tend to have the best chances of success when having dental implant surgery, says Dr. Akin.

Many dental implant candidates who are physically healthy are still turned away from dentists’ offices every year because of bone loss. Dr. Akin explains that bone reabsorbs when it is not needed, and people who lose teeth due to trauma or extraction frequently end up losing bone mass as a result. A patient who has lived with a missing tooth for a decade or longer may come into the office of an implant dentist in Postdam, NY, for treatment, not realizing that his lack of bone makes him a less-than-ideal candidate.

Of course, that doesn’t have to be the case. Dr. Akin specializes in performing bone graft procedures as a way to help patients with bone loss qualify to get dental implants.

When he performs bone grafts, Dr. Akin typically uses bone off the shelf or from a human cadaver. If this bone comes from a human cadaver, then it is known as an allograft. If the bone comes from an animal, such as bovine bone, then that is called a xenograft. Dr. Akin is careful to point out that these are all grafts that are available off the shelf.

In situations where the Postdam, NY, implant dentist needs larger quantifies of bone, he will harvest the bone from the patient. Oral surgeons can harvest the bone from various areas of the body, however the most common areas are the mouth, the chin, the knee, or the cranium. This is called an autograft. Depending on the scenario and the amount of bone he needs, Dr. Akin will choose between using an allograft, an autograft, or a xenograft when performing a bone graft procedure and prepping a patient for dental implants.

For more information on dental implants and bone grafts, Dr. Akin recommends contacting his office is Postdam, New York.

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