Do Partial Dentures Need to Be Removed Each Night?

Both full and partial dentures need to be removed each night before the wearer goes to bed. Failing to heed this advice could result in a serious infection, says Dr. David Leslie. A dentist who specializes in TMJ treatment and dental implants at his office in Bradenton, Florida, Dr. Leslie says that the type of denture a person has – and whether or not it is a partial or a full denture – has nothing to do with how often it needs to be taken out.

People don’t wear their shoes at night, and they shouldn’t be wearing their dentures at night either. Any time a person is not using his dentures, he should be letting his gums breathe, says Dr. Leslie.

Despite what some denture-wearers might think, dentists have good reason for recommending that patients take out their dentures before bed each night. Dr. Leslie says that the main reasoning behind this recommendation is to let the tissue underneath the gums and the dentures get some oxygen and breathe.

Covering up the gums with full or partial dentures for an extended period of time can lead to irritation, and it can cause a reaction in the gums. This reaction looks similar to the callusing that people get on their hands after working outdoors. If a person refuses to take his dentures out each night – either because he is too tired to do so or because he does not enjoy putting them back in each morning – then there’s a chance that an infection could ensue. If the gums are not allowed to rest and breathe, then the tissue in the mouth will inevitably become infected.

In his many years as a dentist offering dentures and dental implants to patients in Bradenton, Dr. Leslie has seen three patients who developed oral cancer underneath their denture plates. In each of these three cases, the patient had worn his plate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If nothing else serves as a stark warning to avoid wearing dentures too many hours each day, this is it.

Dr. Leslie cannot stress enough the importance of taking dentures out each night before bed. As a dentist who specializes in TMJ, dentures, and dental implants at his practice in Bradenton, Dr. Leslie says that any patient hoping to maintain good oral health should make sure to take his dentures out while sleeping.

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