Dental Implants: The No-Pain Solution to Getting Your Smile Back

Have you been considering dental implant surgery, but are intimidated by the procedure? Dr. Frederick Heiselman, a leader in Madeira, OH implant dentistry, says that dental implant surgery is not nearly as daunting as it may seem. “I think a lot of people expect a lot of discomfort afterwards, and it’s really a straightforward procedure. A typical implant is a relatively painless procedure all the way around,” says Dr. Heiselman.

At his Madeira, OH implant dentistry practice, Dr. Heiselman says that most dental implant patients don’t require any more anesthetization than they would need for a typical filling or root canal. The procedure takes about an hour for a single implant, says Dr. Heiselman. Afterwards, most of his patients do not experience anything beyond mild discomfort. “I’ve never had a patient call and say ‘This is killing me.’ Most people don’t even take the analgesics after the first dose or two,” he says.

If you are just starting to learn about Madeira, OH implant dentistry, what can you expect from the procedure? Dental implant surgery replaces missing or damaged teeth through the use of an artificial tooth root, usually made out of titanium, which is placed in the jaw bone. After a few months, the bone will heal tightly around the artificial root, providing solid support for your new teeth. Dr. Heiselman says artificial tooth roots can hold a replacement tooth, crown or even a bridge. “I think it’s the best alternative to a removable denture or removable partial denture,” says Dr. Heiselman.

What are some of the main benefits of dental implants? Dr. Heiselman says that dental implants are more than a cosmetic technique. They are a good tooth replacement option that can help preserve bone that might otherwise be lost. “If a tooth is extracted or lost for some reason, the bone in that area would have a tendency to break down more quickly and bone would be lost over time, because there’s no stimulation,” explains Dr. Heiselman.

Another major benefit to Madeira, OH implant dentistry is how natural dental implants look and feel. “It’s the closest approximation to a natural tooth that you can get,” says Dr. Heiselman. While dentures will always have a certain amount of movement, dental implants stay put. They look and feel much like real teeth. Dr. Heiselman also points out that dental implants won’t disturb adjoining healthy teeth, unlike a crown or denture that might grind on surrounding teeth.

Who is a good candidate for dental implant surgery? Any healthy person is a good candidate, says Dr. Heiselman. Someone who is a smoker, a severe diabetic, or has trouble healing from normal injury may not be a good candidate for dental implants. Otherwise, anyone who is in good health can enjoy the benefits of implant dentistry. Age is not a factor, says Dr. Heiselman. “You can put a dental implant in an 80 year old without any problem, as long as they’re relatively healthy,” he says.

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