Could the Herbal Pills I’m Taking Be Damaging My Teeth?

Certainly, a number of medications – both prescription and over-the-counter – can cause problems with people’s oral health, according to Dr. Millie Tannen of Millie K. Tannen, DDS, PA. A cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville, Dr. Tannen says that many people never suspect that the herbal pills they are taking could be having a negative effect on their teeth.

In reality, it isn’t just prescription pills and blood pressure medications that can make it difficult to maintain a healthy smile. Dr. Tannen says that patients need to tell their dentists about every pill they are putting in their mouths, since even things as seemingly insignificant as herbal remedies have been shown to cause xerostomia.

In fact, a number of medications have been shown to cause xerostomia, the condition more commonly referred to as dry mouth. The Jacksonville cosmetic dentist says there are an enormously high number of drugs that can cause this condition, and the issue is far more common at dentistry practices across the country than most people realize. In and of itself, dry mouth may not sound like such a dangerous thing. Over time, however, dry mouth will prevent saliva from buffering and washing the teeth. Acids in the mouth will be able to sit on the teeth for longer periods of time, and this will eventually lead to decay.

In addition to decay, dry mouth can also cause bad breath. Many people will start taking new medications and then notice that they have bad breath a few weeks later, all the while having no idea that it may actually be the xerostomia that is causing the bad breath. In general, dry mouth makes the mouth very unhealthy and it is an issue that should be remedied as quickly as it is discovered. Xerostomia is the single most common oral side effect from prescription medications.

Drug interactions are another issue that dental patients need to be aware of. Very few of the medications that a cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville may prescribe would be likely to interact – either negatively or positively – with the other medications that a patient is taking. Nonetheless, patients who fail to tell their dentists when they are taking antibiotics or herbal remedies could be leaving out a major part of the equation. A cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville needs as much information as possible when coming up with effective treatment plans for patients, and a thorough list of all the medications that patients are taking is an important part of that.

For more information on whether the medications you’re currently taking could be damaging your teeth, Dr. Tannen recommends contacting her office in Jacksonville.

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