Could Losing Weight Cause My Dentures to Get Loose?

Losing a significant amount of weight could definitely contribute to a patient’s dentures becoming loose or fitting differently in the mouth, which is why Dr. Greg Engelman of Today’s Dental says it is so important for people to work with dentists in Pinellas Park who specialize in dental implants and dentures.

Dentists who work with patients who have dentures and dental implants in Pinellas Park on a daily basis know how to determine whether a patient’s dentures are fitting any differently because of weight loss or weight gain. Additionally, dentists like Dr. Engelman know to warn their patients about the possible consequences of significant weight change before they undertake any new dieting programs.

At his office in Pinellas Park, the dental implants and dentures specialist is able to offer his patients the best possible fit on all dental appliances, including dentures and bridges, by working with an exceptionally skilled in-house laboratory technician.

Unlike many other offices, which send out their lab work, the dentists at Today’s Dental in Pinellas Park work with in-house lab technicians who make patients’ dentures and other appliances right in the office. Any changes that have to be done to a patient’s dentures – including resizing them because of a weight loss or weight gain – can be done chair side, rather than having to send out those projects to commercial laboratories.

The lab technicians at Today’s Dental are able to get exceptionally close fits, as well, by sitting beside the patients. It is much easier for a technician to make a great set of dentures when he or she can actually see the patient up close and in person, as opposed to just seeing a pre-made model. Dr. Engelman says that one specific lab technician at his office has more than 48 years of experience making dentures, bridges, crowns, and dental implants in Pinellas Park, which makes him a rare breed among lab technicians in Florida.

From the patient’s perspective, the benefit of working with a dentist who has a lab technician in-house is time. People who do so can visit their dentist and lab technician without having to drive all over town visiting different offices and laboratories.

The other advantage is aesthetics, says Dr. Engelman. Dentures that are customized to each individual patient—like those created by the team at Today’s Dental—look better and they appear more natural in the mouth. Working with an in-house lab technician is a better experience for the patient overall, when compared to working with an outside laboratory, and patients who go this route can expect to get better results when it comes to the fit and look of the dentures they wear.

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