Cosmetic Dentistry Help for People With Chipped Teeth in Escondido

Patients of all ages can chip their teeth in all sorts of ways. According to Dr. Peter Do, DDS, a cosmetic dentistry specialist in Escondido, California, the way that a dentist is likely to repair a chipped tooth will depend on a number of factors.

Most importantly, the way that a dentist is likely to fix a chipped tooth will depend on the size of the chip. A small chip is likely to be repaired with some minor bonding, says Dr. Do, while a larger chip should be fixed using a composite filling or a crown. In the major egregious cases, Dr. Do says it is not uncommon to hear of cosmetic dentistry specialists in Escondido using veneers to fix the smile of a person with multiple chipped teeth.

Another important factor that any cosmetic dentistry expert in Escondido must take into consideration when determining how to repair a chipped tooth is the location of the tooth within the mouth. Posterior teeth typically take more wear and tear on a daily basis than anterior teeth, and as such a cosmetic dentist like Dr. Do is likely to repair any chips in these teeth using a slightly different method. Still, the main treatment options that are available for people with chipped teeth are bonding, fillings, crowns, and veneers.

Although fillings can be made using a number of different materials, Dr. Do chooses to use composite in his cosmetic dentistry office in Escondido. Composite is a much more aesthetically pleasing option, when compared to amalgam or some of the other filling materials that many dentists used in the past. Still, the single most aesthetically pleasing options are bonding and porcelain veneers, says Dr. Do.

Veneers will rarely be used to repair minor chips on posterior teeth, however Dr. Do may recommend veneers in instances where a patient has multiple front teeth with sizeable chips. If it would be impossible to repair those teeth using bonding alone, then Dr. Do says he would recommend veneers as yet another option that patients can consider.

When patients get veneers, they can choose the precise color and shape that they want their teeth to be. Although the process of putting on veneers can seem cumbersome to some, it is something that the majority of patients say is worthwhile in the end. Porcelain veneers will not discolor and they are very durable, which are two important factors for many patients looking for cosmetic dentistry in Escondido.

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