Conquering the Biggest Dental Fears

The No. 1 concern shared by patients at the dentist’s office has to do with fear. According to Dr. Alex Semidey of Semidey Dental, a large percentage of the population has a real fear of the dentist. In Fort Lauderdale, FL, Dr. Semidey tries calming patients’ nerves and easing those anxieties by implementing a number of relaxation techniques.

Dr. Semidey is a person who understands dental fears and phobias, because he himself has quite a few. The Fort Lauderdale, FL, dentist says he is part of the approximately 5% to 10% of people in the United States who have a dental phobia. Given that fear, Dr. Semidey says he completely understand when patients come in with hesitation or trepidation. Patients who are apprehensive and less than eager to jump in the dentist’s chair are not abnormal, but they are at a disadvantage when it comes to oral health if they put off dental visits because of these underlying fears.

With all these issues in mind, Dr. Semidey is a Fort Lauderdale, FL, dentist who has become known for taking very special care of patients with dental phobias and fears. He works to ease his patients’ fears by doing everything in his power to make them feel comfortable from the moment they walk in. Dr. Semidey’s goal is to have every patient walk out with a smile.

To achieve that goal, the Fort Lauderdale, FL, dentist offers patients comforting amenities like blankets and pillows. He also employs a staff of empathetic employees, and says patients become like family at his practice. His front desk staffers greet every patient by name, which helps extend the familial atmosphere.

In addition to the great amenities, Dr. Semidey also takes every step possible to ensure patients do not feel anything when he administers anesthetic. Anxious patients can use nitrous oxide to calm their fears, and non-painful injections are the norm rather than the exception. Although Dr. Semidey does not offer IV sedation at the current time, he says offering that type of anesthetic is in the works.

Dr. Semidey’s final advice to anxious patients is to be up front about those concerns with their dental providers. Dentists and hygienists who know that their patients are fearful will take the extra time necessary to explain everything they are doing and make sure their patients are comfortable every step of the way. For more information about scheduling a pain-free dental appointment, Dr. Semidey recommends contacting his office and setting up a consultation.

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