Comparing Soft Tissue Grafts and Bone Grafts

When people talk about having a dental graft in Gurnee, Illinois, they are usually talking about one of two things: a soft tissue graft or a bone graft. Periodontist Dr. Peter Domogala, of the Institute of Dental Implants and Periodontics, says both soft tissue grafts and bone grafts are very important dental treatments that serve critical roles in the field of periodontics.

As a refresher, Dr. Domogala explains that the word dental essentially means dentition or mouth. A graft, meanwhile, is a procedure in which some type of tissue is moved from one location in the body to another. Grafts can be done in many locations around the body, however Dr. Domogala focuses on two main types of dental graft procedures in Gurnee. These two types of procedures are soft tissue grafts and bone grafts.

Soft Tissue Grafts
A soft tissue graft is used when a patient’s gum is receding from his teeth. Dr. Domogala says the purpose of a soft tissue dental graft in Gurnee is to prevent the patient from losing any more bone or, ultimately, losing the affected tooth. Soft tissue grafts also serve an important cosmetic purpose by making the teeth look better and helping the smile look more natural.

A good candidate for a soft tissue graft is any person who is medically healthy. The Gurnee dental graft expert has treated children as young as six and elderly patients as old as 80. He says there are no age restrictions when treating patients with soft tissue grafts. As long as the patient is healthy, and as long as he or she is not a smoker, then soft tissue grafting is an excellent treatment that can restore health and beauty to the mouth.

The one group of people that Dr. Domogala would not recommend soft tissue grafts for are smokers. Smokers take much longer to heal than non-smokers, which makes them less-than-ideal candidates for soft tissue grafting.

Bone Grafts
A bone graft is done to preserve bone in the mouth so that a patient can get dental implants put in. Bone grafts also help to prevent the face from collapsing, which can make any man or woman look older than necessary.

Dr. Domogala explains this phenomenon by telling us that the teeth and bone are what fill in the lower face. When a person loses his teeth he also loses the associated bone. When that bone goes away, aging will occur. People will start to notice deep wrinkles and creases in the skin that can be difficult to reverse with anything other than a bone graft.

For more information on the benefits of bone grafting – as well as soft tissue grafting – for healthy patients in Gurnee, Illinois, Dr. Domogala recommends contacting his office.

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