Tooth Restoration

How to Fix a Cracked Tooth

What’s the best way to repair a cracked tooth? Dr. Steven Kacel, D.D.S., is a cosmetic dentist in Northbrook, Illinois, with all the ... Read More →

What is the Best Tooth Replacement Treatment?

Dr. Stuart Rimes is a board certified prosthodontist. He resides in Greatwood, Texas, and operates a thriving prosthodontic practice in nearby Sugar Land. ... Read More →

Shadevision for Tooth Color Matching

This type of dentistry also involves using cameras tied in with computer programs for tooth color matching. Read More →

How Missing Teeth Affect Your Health

Dr. Bart Kreiner runs his own dental practice, Dr. Kreiner Family Dentistry, in Bel Air, Maryland. Here, he talks about how missing teeth ... Read More →

Fixing a Chipped Tooth

So many people come to the dentist seeking to have a chipped tooth fixed that it has become a money maker for dentists, says Dr. ... Read More →

Basics of Prosthodontics

If you need to have missing teeth replaced, either one or many, you may see a dentist who specializes in prosthodontics, or who is a ... Read More →

Tooth Replacement Options

There is a reason why the average human mouth is usually blessed with 32  individual teeth. Each tooth in a person’s mouth contributes to his ... Read More →

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Some people need just a bit of cosmetic work done on their teeth, others need the whole shebang. If you think you could benefit from ... Read More →

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Anything to do with the study and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity and the teeth within falls under the heading of restorative dentistry, ... Read More →

Understanding CEREC Restoration

Dr. Enrico DiVito is a general and cosmetic dentist who specializes in laser dentistry at the Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry in North ... Read More →