Root Canals

What Is Endodontic Therapy?

Endodontic therapy is the medical term for a root canal, which millions of people across the country get each year. Read More →

When to Opt for a Root Canal

Though root canal treatment isn't the only option in most cases of extreme tooth decay, it is often the best way to go in these ... Read More →

Root Canal Alternatives: What Are My Options?

When a fractured tooth can be saved by a dentist, then a root canal procedure is almost always the best way to make that repair. ... Read More →

How to Reduce the Chances Of an Infection After a Root Canal

Patients should visit the dentist right away when a tooth begins bothering them, rather than waiting until the cavity or decay has escalated into a ... Read More →

What Can Cause Nerve Damage In the Mouth?

The most common cause of nerve damage in the mouth is dental decay, but a number of other medical issues could cause oral nerve damage ... Read More →

Are Root Canals Toxic?

One holistic dentist believes that root canals do more harm than good, and he’s not alone. Read More →

What to Expect During Your Root Canal

Thanks to modern dental techniques and sedation options, a root canal needn’t be any more stressful than a walk in the park. Read More →

Should I Get a Root Canal or Tooth Extraction?

Perhaps you broke a tooth and didn’t have time to get it treated for a number of weeks; or maybe you have so much decay ... Read More →

Do Root Canals Hurt?

You’re sitting in the dental chair as your dentist starts to evaluate the tooth that’s been causing you a fair amount of pain for the ... Read More →

Root Canal Post-Op Care

How to take care of your mouth after a root canal. Read More →