Pediatric Dentistry

How to Assess the Severity of a Pediatric Dental Emergency

In dental emergency situations, the Norton, MA, family dentistry specialist says that children need to be brought in immediately to receive medical attention and care. Read More →

How to Get Kids Excited About Visiting the Dentist

Anything that a parent can do to help a child get comfortable with the idea of visiting the dentist when he is still at home ... Read More →

Should Baby Teeth ever be Filled or Extracted?

As a general rule of thumb, dentists prefer never to extract teeth unless they absolutely have to. Read More →

When to Visit a Dentist About a Baby Tooth That Won’t Fall Out

Just because a baby tooth or a primary tooth is taking longer than expected to come out does not necessarily mean anything is wrong. Read More →

The Benefits of Interceptive Orthodontics

Interceptive orthodontic treatments are very popular for parents these days, since children whose parents focus on interceptive orthodontics rather than corrective orthodontics can sometimes avoid ... Read More →

Anesthesia & Sedation Techniques for Kids

When it comes to treating pediatric patients, Missouri City, TX, kids dentistry specialist Dr. Vajahat Yar Khan says pain management is extremely important. At Kidzone ... Read More →

What Is a Tongue Crib?

A tongue crib is a habit-breaking appliance that dentists like Dr. Vajahat Yar Khan frequently recommend to parents whose children have thumb sucking or tongue ... Read More →

Should Children Ever Getting Fillings In Their Primary Teeth?

A cavity in a primary tooth needs to be treated just as seriously as a cavity in an adult tooth. Read More →

Why Do So Many Children Suffer From Tooth Decay?

The main reason why pediatric patients suffer from tooth decay and cavities is because they are not brushing their teeth properly. Read More →

Why Are Primary Teeth So Important?

Children whose baby teeth have to be taken out due to decay are likely to experience problems with their adult dentition in the years to ... Read More →