Oral Surgery

When Is Corrective Jaw Surgery Necessary?

In the case of patients who have severe skeletal problems, corrective jaw surgery may need to be taken care of before braces can be effective. Read More →

Comparing Soft Tissue Grafts and Bone Grafts

Periodontist Dr. Peter Domogala, of the Institute of Dental Implants and Periodontics, says both soft tissue grafts and bone grafts are very important dental treatments ... Read More →

What Types of Conditions Can an Oral Surgeon Treat?

Speaking from his oral surgery center in Postdam, NY, Dr. Akin explains that the most common procedure any surgeon performs is wisdom tooth extractions. In ... Read More →

What Do Oral Surgeons Really Do?

An oral surgeon is best described as a dentist who has had a lot of medical training, explains Dr. Max G. Neill DDS, PC. A ... Read More →

When Can Teeth With Diseased Nerves Be Salvaged?

Whether or not a tooth with a diseased nerve can be salvaged will depend on what type of infection is present. Read More →

Choosing a Dentist in Clemmons

Building a long-term relationship with a dentist that you trust means not having to worry about a procedure being performed incorrectly and provides peace-of-mind, as ... Read More →

Getting Dental Implants in Clemmons

While the idea may sound like a frightening one, advances in dental technology have made the procedure virtually pain and stress-free, especially if you're having ... Read More →

Caring For Your Smile After Dental Procedures

The importance of keeping your mouth healthy post-operation. Read More →

Is Oral Surgery Always Necessary To Fix Impacted Teeth?

Although oral surgery is not always necessary for impacted teeth, it is often recommended. Read More →

Bleeding After Dental Surgery

If you have recently undergone dental surgery or a dental procedure, you may experience bleeding in the treated area. Some bleeding is normal, so it is important ... Read More →