Dental Technology

High-Tech Care In Dentistry

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What is Dental Tomography?

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All About Intraoral Cameras

Most patients believe what their dentist tells them, but now an effective dental tool lets patients actually see what’s going on in their own mouths. ... Read More →

Dental Chairside Monitors

Perfectly structured to help enhance better patient/dentist communication, chairside monitors allow the patient to see exactly what the dentist is seeing. They help patients feel ... Read More →

What is Air Abrasion?

It’s actually possible to “drill” out some parts of teeth without using a drill. It’s a technique called air abrasion, and it’s a relatively new ... Read More →

How ViziLite Plus Detects Oral Cancer

Detecting oral cancer is an important part of every dentist’s job. And now tools have been designed to make the screening process even better. Dr. ... Read More →

What is DIAGNOdent?

Dentists now can rely on new methods to detect cavities and decay, such as DIAGNOdent, says Kirk Petersen, DMD, who runs Hemet West ... Read More →

All About Digital Dental X-Rays

An x-ray is one of the most valuable tool a dentist can use to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy. Also called dental ... Read More →

All About Modern Dental Technology

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The Latest Technology in Dentistry

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