Dental Sealants

What to Expect On a First Visit to the Dentist

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How Do Dental Sealants Work?

Dental sealants protect the little groves on the insides and tops of vulnerable teeth. Read More →

Choosing a Dentist in Clemmons

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Narrow Diameter Dental Implants Create New Smiles… Faster

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Why Should Teeth Be Sealed?

Sealants help to prevent unnecessary cavities and instances of pediatric tooth decay. Read More →

What Can Make a Dental Sealant Break Down?

Dental sealants cannot last forever, no matter how good a job a dentist does when putting them on. Read More →

Problems With Dental Sealants

He encourages patients who already have sealants in place to continue visiting their dentist for regular check ups and to remain especially vigilant about maintaining ... Read More →

Is There a Procedure That Can Reduce Sensitivity In My Teeth?

For people who have sensitivity of the teeth, a number of options are available to remedy the situation. Read More →

Are Dental Sealants Ever A Good Option For Adults?

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Should Your Child Get Dental Sealants?

From the time that your child’s first tooth breaks through the surface of his gums, his dental health care begins. And, by the time of ... Read More →