Dental Problems

How Skipping a Regular Cleaning Could Lead to a Root Canal

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How Do Fluoride Treatments Help Prevent Tooth Decay?

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What Can Happen If Gingivitis Is Left Untreated?

Gingivitis is a bacterial infection that is far more common than most people realize. According to Dr. Peter Domogala, a periodontist in Gurnee, Illinois, it ... Read More →

Sedation Dentistry: Sit Back and Relax

Whatever the reasons for fearing dental work, there’s an approved way for patients to relax and get the dental care they need. This is possible ... Read More →

The Dangers of Leaving Chipped Teeth Alone

According to Roxanna Buchanan of Foothill Dental Care, the most prominent dental condition that requires the attention of a dentist in Pleasanton, CA, is chipped ... Read More →

Using Invisalign to Treat Patients with TMJ

If a TMJ patient needs orthodontics or wants orthodontics for cosmetic reasons, then at that point Dr. Broker says the treatment of choice is definitely ... Read More →

Comparing Orthodontic Treatments For Children & Adults

If a child's mouth is too crowded then his adult teeth will not have room to grow in. Read More →

Why Are So Many People Using Invisalign Right Now?

The price of Invisalign used to be higher than conventional braces or braces with ceramic attachments; however, Dr. Broker says that is no longer the ... Read More →

Should I Keep Flossing If I Notice Bleeding In My Gums?

Failing to adequately brush and floss is a huge mistake that can cause further damage and erosion to frail dentition. Read More →

Why Is Tooth Decay Having a Resurgence in America?

Tooth decay seems to be coming back – at least in part – because people are not taking care of their teeth in the ways ... Read More →