Dental Problems

What Causes TMJ Migraine Headaches?

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The Intersections of Medicine and Dentistry in San Diego

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Keeping Things Fresh in San Diego Dental Care

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Why Is Gum Health Important to Maintaining a Beautiful Smile?

Dr. Grigoropoulos says it is impossible to have a beautiful smile without having equally beautiful gums. Read More →

The Benefits of Inlays/Onlays for Dental Restorations

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Tooth Pain in the Late Night Hours

Sudden, sharp tooth pains can occur at any time of the day or night. And yet, these types of unexplained oral pain and discomfort seem ... Read More →

Tips for Keeping Periodontal Disease at Bay

The best way to prevent periodontal disease is by coming in to the dentist's office for professional cleanings at least once every six months, while ... Read More →

Preventing Dental Caries In Young Children

Savannah dentist Dr. Kevin Dickinson, DDS says the real key to preventing dental caries in young children has to do with at-home hygiene and care. Read More →

Root Canals in College Park: Who Needs Them and Why

At Alie Dental Associates, where Riyad Alie heads efforts to improve patients’ health and dental hygiene, endodontic procedures may be dreaded by some patients, but ... Read More →

The Response to Emergency Dentistry in College Park

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