Dental Fillings

Safe Mercury Filling Removal

hen you are removing mercury fillings, your dental facility also needs at least two high-speed vacuums nearby while doing the removal, to dispose of waste ... Read More →

Which Type of Filling is Right For Me?

Composite fillings and amalgam fillings serve a similar purpose but there are different reasons for choosing one over the other. If your dentist tells you ... Read More →

What Are Composite Resin Fillings?

Created as a unique alternative to the traditional silver fillings, composite resin fillings are a lot nicer looking and take less time to fix. They ... Read More →

Are Mercury Fillings Safe?

People have attributed a host of ailments to mercury fillings, and many say they feel a lot better once they are removed. So should you ... Read More →

The Warning Against Silver Fillings

Cosmetic dentist D. Gordon Rye of Rye Smiles for Life has devoted himself for nearly three decades to combing the art, science, and ... Read More →

The Warning Against Silver Fillings

the FDA has also put out a warning against the use of dental amalgams Read More →

What is a Mercury-Free Dentist?

Dr. Isabelle Farmer is a practicing dentist at Houston SmileDocs in Texas.  A graduate of Texas A&M University and the University of Texas ... Read More →

Top Three Reasons to Choose Composite Fillings

Why the “Brighter” Choice Might Be Composite Fillings Composite fillings are much more attractive than the metal (amalgam) fillings that have long been used to fill ... Read More →

Composite Fillings Dentist

A composite fillings dentist uses composite quartz resin fillings instead of the more traditional metal based amalgam fillings.  Besides the quartz resin, the material that ... Read More →