Dental Crowns

Tips for Both a Whiter and Wider Smile

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Advances in Ceramic Dentistry

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Estimating the Lifespan of a Dental Crown

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How to Increase Comfort For Patients Getting Crowns

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How to Replace Discolored Dental Restorations

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What Do All Great Smiles Have in Common?

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What Every Patient Should Know About Implant Restorations

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Restoring the Look of Natural Teeth With CEREC

CEREC machines are making it possible for dentists to create veneers and crowns that are natural in both shape and shade. Read More →

Why Is CEREC a Good Option For Patients With Busy Lives?

The CEREC machine has allowed dentists to work with patients in ways that once seemed unimaginable. Read More →

Best Possible Dental Treatment First

No matter what a patient’s budget is or cosmetic dental desires are, Dr. Bilal Ahmed, of Universal Smiles DC, always presents the patient with the ... Read More →