Can Parents Transmit Periodontal Disease To Their Children?

Parents who are not careful can definitely transmit certain oral conditions to their children, which is why Tucson dentist Dr. Rochelle Riley of Arizona Dental Medicine, PLLC, believes it is so important for all new moms and dads to get their dental health in order.

Dr. Riley goes on to explain that bacteria forms on the teeth from the second they begin to erupt in the mouth. Many first-time parents do not realize how important it is to get their babies and toddlers in to see a dentist as soon as their first teeth come in, but Dr. Riley says making that phone call and setting up an early exam can make all the difference as the years go by.

As a dentist in Tucson, Dr. Riley has worked closely with many parents who said they didn’t realize that bacteria from their own mouths could be transmitted to their babies. She has heard of parents who had no idea how bacteria had spread to their toddlers’ mouths, especially if they were practicing diligent oral hygiene at home. A number of oral diseases and conditions can communicated from parent to child, however periodontal disease is among the most common and troubling.

Periodontal disease is very easy to treat when caught early, which is why all adults should be visiting their dentists for examinations and professional cleanings at least once every six months. Regular checkups are critical, says the Tucson dentist. In fact, Dr. Riley says she is a big proponent of preventative dentistry in general. She believes professional cleanings are the foundation of a healthy smile, and a toothbrush and floss happen to be the greatest dental insurance plan a person can buy.

As a dentist in Tucson, it can be frustrating to work with patients who get upset about the condition of their teeth and gums but still fail to take control of their own oral health by turning brushing and flossing into a routine each morning and night. Preventative care is key, and it is important to note that it is much cheaper and easier to deal with most dental problems when they are small, as opposed to once things have gotten large and the situation has become complicated. Although Dr. Riley is known for doing root canals, extractions, and even dental implants, she still believes that prevention is the foundation for everything when it comes to oral health.

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