Can a Broken Tooth Be Saved?

Though traumas are common causes for breaking or chipping a tooth, Pedram Behnia DMD explains that personal choice can also lead to this dental problem. As an experienced cosmetic dentist in Orlando, Florida, Behnia says that many times patients who have made the decision to pierce their tongues come in afterward with a chipped tooth. This happens because while you are eating it is possible for you to bite down too hard on the piercing which, in turn, damages the tooth.

Once you realize that you have broken your tooth, it is always best to get to your dentist as quickly as possible. If you notice any bleeding or swelling, he says, it could be an indicator that you have done more than just chipped your tooth, and you should get to the emergency room. If it is just a small chip in the enamel of your tooth and you are not in extreme pain, then waiting for your dentist’s office to reopen is a reasonable option.

Although there are exceptions to the rule, Dr. Behnia says that generally, dentists abide by the decree that if a portion of the broken tooth is above the gum line, then many times, the tooth can be saved. However, if the broken tooth goes beyond the gum line, the tooth has to be extracted. Therefore, in instances where a patient falls and chips half of a front tooth, the natural tooth can be saved and will be covered with a crown which will not only add protection, but will look like a natural tooth.

On the other hand, if your dentist determines that your tooth must be removed due to the trauma, an implant, bridge, or denture can be used in its place. Though there are different solutions for replacing a lost tooth, Dr. Behnia says that at Halo Dental, he prefers to use a dental implant whenever possible.

Going Beyond Your Teeth

While Dr. Behnia’s main concern is always the health of his patients’ mouths, he says that in addition to cosmetic dentistry, Halo Dental also offers a few cosmetic procedures for the face that have become increasingly popular.

While your dentist can fix a chipped tooth, place veneers over discolored teeth, or provide you with an at-home whitening kit, you may still not be completely satisfied with your smile if your mouth is surrounded by lines and wrinkles. Therefore, Dr. Behnia says, when a patient comes in for a cosmetic procedure or even a routine check-up, she may also request a Botox or filler treatment to smooth out her appearance.

Many times, he explains, by adding veneers or replacing missing teeth, it automatically adds a bit of volume to the face, which will smooth out some of the creases. But when you’re looking for that extra step, Halo Dental has the solution. Since Dr. Behnia’s profession focuses on the face, he assures patients that he has the knowledge and experience to successfully inject them with either solution.

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