Building Patient Awareness About Oral Health Issues

Young men and women today can find out anything about any topic with the a few clicks of the button on their laptops and smart-phone devices. However, Dallas dentist Dr. Rodney Alles of Ideal Dental Uptown, still encourages patients to be careful about where they solicit information about oral health topics.

As a popular dentist in Dallas, Dr. Alles explains that misinformation is abundant – especially on the web. He frequently speaks to patients who have been practicing unhealthy habits, supposedly because they read that these practices were safe on the Internet or heard about these practices from unqualified friends. Just as physicians recommend that men and women speak to them about their physical health issues – as opposed to searching for information online or asking friends with similar ailments – dentists like Dr. Alles recommend that people call in if they have questions or concerns about their oral health.

Dr. Alles is a dentist in Dallas who makes patient education a priority. In addition to cleaning teeth and repairing cavities, Dr. Alles and his experienced team take the time to speak to their patients about any questions or concerns they may be having. These impromptu question and answer sessions are an excellent time for patients to pipe up with any issues or concerns they’ve been dealing with. It is much better to ask a question from a professional dentist or hygienist than to let the issue slide and look up the answer online.

Not only do dentists and hygienists have the most accurate information when it comes to most oral health topics, but they are also available for follow up questions based on the answers they provide. Rarely is that type of two-way communication available online.

Speaking to a dentist in person about oral health issues can save people time, too. Assuming a patient brings up these questions while he or she is already at the dentist’s office for a semi-annual check-up and exam, Dr. Alles can typically answer questions very quickly. Compare this to the time it takes to type in a question online or to email a friend who may have some information on the topic, and Dr. Alles says it becomes apparent why people should simply wait and ask their dentist about oral health topics when they have a chance.

At his office, Dr. Alles can oftentimes tell when patients have not been following his advice, or when they have been getting their hygiene advice from friends, based on the condition of their mouths. People who do not follow their dentist’s advice tend to have far more cavities than people who do, explains Dr. Alles.

*Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your healthcare provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate healthcare provider.

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