Breakthrough Products For Treating Dry Mouth

For people with serious cases of dry mouth, periodically rinsing with water is not enough. In order to stimulate salivary flow and clear the mouth of dangerous cavity-causing bacteria, Dr. Gregg Alford says that patients should be using specialty products designed just for this purpose.

Of course, products like ACT mouth rinse have been around for years. As a cosmetic dentist in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Dr. Alford says that some patients are not comfortable using ACT or similar mouth rinses on a daily basis for a number of reasons. For people in this category, new products may be better options.

One of the most recent new products being marketed toward people with dry mouth comes from a company called Oasis. According to Dr. Alford, Oasis is a medicinal mouth rinse that cleans the mouth and clears out bacteria without the drying effect that many other rinses leave behind.

This drying effect, which many patients complain about when it comes to traditional mouth rinses and washes, is caused by the alcohol in most products. Although alcohol leaves breathe smelling fresh, Dr. Alford cautions that swishing with alcohol is the worst thing a person with dry mouth can do, since the alcohol itself dries the mouth even further. Oasis is a mouth rinse that promises to get people fresh breath without having to resort to alcohol to do it.

Two other new products that many of Dr. Alford’s patients use are called Spry and Squigle. Spry and Squigle are oral hygiene products that are marketed to people with dry mouth who do not want to get excessive levels of fluoride into their systems. Squigle, which is a specialty toothpaste, is an especially popular product right now.

As a cosmetic dentist in Hot Springs, Dr. Alford says that Spry and Squigle are changing the face of dry mouth aids because they are using xylitol to promote salivary flow rather than fluoride. For better or worse, many people nowadays are trying to avoid fluoride. For these people, products that utilize xylitol are being seen as a great alternative. Spry in particular is a xylitol-based mouth rinse with a very neutral pH, says Dr. Alford. As such, it is seen as the “all natural” alternative to many of the fluoride-based mouth rinses currently on the market.

Whether a person is using Oasis, Spry, or Squigle because of a dry mouth condition or simply as a way to avoid using fluoride-based products, Dr. Alford is a cosmetic dentist in Hot Springs who says that these three products are all very popular and effective.

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