Balancing Effectiveness and Safety When Choosing a Type of Dental Sedation

Nobody likes pain, and even mild discomfort can be enough to keep some patients from coming in to see their dentist on a regular basis. This is why Dr. Rodney Alles, of Ideal Dental University Park, is such a proponent of safe and effective dental sedation. By helping patients choose the best type of sedation for their individual situations, the University Park dentist decreases instances of dental anxiety and makes it easier for people to come in regularly for dental cleanings and exams.

As a dentist in University Park, Dr. Alles has a number of tricks up his sleeve, as far as sedation is concerned. He recommends different types of sedation for patients with different needs. For example, he may recommend IV conscious sedation for a patient having his wisdom teeth taken out, while recommending oral conscious sedation pills for a patient who is anxious about having a routine cleaning.

Patients who are anxious about seeing the dentist in University Park almost always need some type of sedation in order to relax and feel comfortable for a substantial period of time. Dr. Alles says the majority of dentists around the United States recommend the use of oral conscious sedation pills for anyone whose fear of the dentist makes it difficult to undergo even the most basic dental procedures.

Despite the effectiveness and safety of oral conscious sedation pills, Dr. Alles says there are still many cases in which IV sedation is considered the better alternative. Specifically, patients who are undergoing surgical dental procedures will almost always be advised that IV sedation is going to be their best option. Dr. Alles is unique in that he also has the ability to perform wisdom tooth extractions using oral conscious sedation, for patients who do not feel comfortable with IV sedation. He recommends that patients who want oral conscious sedation take a special pill called Halcion.

Halcion is an excellent option for people who want to eliminate the overwhelming fear and anxiety they feel upon entering the dentist’s office. Dr. Alles recommends Halcion instead of Valium, which is the medication that some other dental providers will prescribe their patients with anxieties or dental phobias. The University Park dentist prefers to administer oral conscious sedation in a controlled setting as a way to ensure the safety of his patients. He never recommends that patients take Halcion or any other sedation medications without a dental professional present.

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