Are Wisdom Teeth Extractions Always Necessary?

Not everyone’s wisdom teeth need to be removed. According to Dr. Max G. Neill DDS, PC, an oral maxillofacial surgeon in Fort Worth, wisdom teeth extraction procedures are not necessary for about 5 percent of the U.S. population. For the other 95 percent, however, these extraction procedures can be critical in preventing unwanted tooth movement and infection.

Dr. Neill goes on to explain that roughly five out of every 100 people have enough room in their mouths to allow their wisdom teeth to come in straight. People who fall into this category do not need to worry about having their wisdom teeth taken out, since their mouths are developed in a way that accommodates the extra teeth. Unfortunately, very few people fall into this category.

The vast majority of adults in the U.S. will need a wisdom teeth extraction. In Fort Worth, Dr. Neill explains that these people just don’t have enough room in their mouths for all their teeth to come in. As a result, their wisdom teeth are either blocked out partially or completely. In some cases, the teeth may come in crooked, causing them to move other teeth out of alignment.

If a patient’s wisdom teeth come in crooked, or if they come in partially, then they become more prone to infection. Dr. Neill explains that patients can get food and bacteria stuck underneath their gums when their gums are partially covering their wisdom teeth, and this can quickly lead to a dangerous situation. Oral infections can range anywhere from mild to moderate, all the way to severe.

As a wisdom teeth extraction expert in Fort Worth, Dr. Neill has seen patients who suffered from severe head and neck infections going all the way down into the chest cavity as a result of failing to get their wisdom teeth taken out in time. These infections can be severe, acute, and life threatening if they are not taken care of quickly enough.

Most people who visit a wisdom teeth extraction expert’s Fort Worth practice do so based on the referral of a general dentist or an orthodontist. Dr. Neill says people usually go to their family dentist because of irritation or pain, and that family dentist will refer them to an oral surgeon. In other cases, an orthodontist may send his patients to an oral surgeon to prevent dental misalignment.

People who wear braces and then fail to have their wisdom teeth taken out in a timely fashion risk having crowding along their upper and lower front teeth. Most orthodontists will recommend that patients have their wisdom teeth taken out to prevent crowding or overlapping from occurring.

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