Are Digital X-Rays Putting Children In Danger?

Digital x-rays are extremely safe for patients of all ages. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the amount of radiation that children are exposed to when having dental x-rays taken is extremely small. Fredericksburg dentist Dr. Adam Afsahi of Fredericksburg Pediatric and Cosmetic Dentistry backs this assertion up, explaining that the digital equipment many pediatric dentists use today emits far less radiation than older generations of x-ray equipment. The less radiation emitted, the safer the x-ray process is for everyone involved.

One thing that both Dr. Afsahi and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advise against is skipping a child’s annual x-ray out of an unfounded fear of excessive radiation. X-ray imaging is extremely important for children and adults as a way to diagnose problems that cannot be seen by the human eye alone. Dr. Afsahi recommends taking these images annually, at the same time the child is getting a physical examination and an oral teeth cleaning.

Children tend to be at higher risk for decay and cavities than adults, which means regular x-rays are extremely important for patients in this age group. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children who are at a high risk for cavities and decay should be getting x-ray films taken even more frequently than their adolescent peers – sometimes as often as once every six months. Children who have a low risk for cavities, and patients who have never suffered from cavities or decay in the past, can usually get away with having x-rays taken just once each year.

Digital x-ray equipment can pick up on many types of dental problems, however the Fredericksburg dentist says cavities are the most commonly discovered problem when looking at children’s x-rays. Children will frequently have cavities or decay between their teeth that cannot be seen clinically, which is why a Fredericksburg dentist needs to take radiographic images in the mouth to see areas of the teeth that he cannot see on his own. In addition to detecting hard-to-find cavities, digital x-rays are also a useful tool for dentists looking to survey erupting teeth, evaluate the results of a dental injury, or diagnose certain medical conditions such as bone disease. Orthodontists rely on x-ray imaging, as well, as a way to plan their patients’ orthodontic treatments.

Digital x-ray films are safer for both patients and dentists. From the point of view of a dentist in Fredericksburg, digital x-rays take less time to develop and are easier to manipulate on a computer screen. This results in less chair time for the patient and less working time for the dentist. For more information on digital x-ray imaging, Dr. Afsahi recommends contacting his practice in Fredericksburg.

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