Are Dentures Right For You?

For years, patients who were missing multiple teeth were told that dentures were their only options. In the last decade, however, a number of other treatments have become available to help people improve their smiles. Despite the innovations within the field of dentistry, Buckner Family Dental‘s Dr. Jaime Osorio, a dentures expert in Dallas, Texas, says that dentures remain one of the premier treatment options for people who have lost the majority of their teeth.

Dr. Osorio says that dentures remain the gold standard for helping people whose teeth are loose, broken down, or decayed. If the majority of a person’s teeth fit one of the above descriptions, then there is a good chance that a new set of dentures could help.

In Dallas, dentures are often viewed as an alternative to having root canals. If a person wants to economize and get an infection out of his or her mouth without paying for a root canal, then dentures are certainly one alternative that can be tried. Whether a person decides to opt for the root canal or dentures, Dr. Osorio is quick to emphasize that a decision needs to be made quickly once an infection has set in. Dental infections can easily spread throughout the body, and it is important to get these infections taken care of before they get worse.

The downside to dentures in Dallas is that patients who get them will have to lose all of their teeth to do so. Additionally, Dr. Osorio says that people will have to adjust to tasting food differently, and they will need to be prepared to handle the constant upkeep, since dentures need to be taken out before bed each night. If a person is not prepared to handle these realities, then dentures may not be the best solution for his or her specific problem.

Overall, Dr. Osorio says there are pros and cons to dentures. Because of this, people need to make the right decisions for their specific situations. Nonetheless, Dr. Osorio still does many dentures at his practice in Dallas – in part because they tend to cost much less than any of the alternative treatments for people who are missing multiple teeth. Dentures are an efficient way of getting full mouth care without breaking the bank, and that is something that patients who are concerned about the financial aspect of dental treatments are likely to keep in mind.

For more information on dentures in Dallas, and to find out if you might be considered a good candidate, Dr. Osorio recommends contacting his office.

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