Are Composite Fillings Common on Posterior Teeth?

Dental decay can occur on any tooth in the mouth, including both the anterior and posterior teeth. At Ideal Dental Forney in Forney, Texas, emergency dentist Dr. Rodney Alles says the number of cavities – and subsequent fillings – that patients have could be significantly reduced if people were more careful about brushing and flossing their teeth.

Unfortunately, proper home care techniques are something that many patients are not up to date on, and as a result many people get cavities and decay on their anterior and posterior teeth. For the most part, Dr. Alles says that people tend to put much less thought into how they take care of their posterior teeth in the backs of their mouths, since these teeth are not visible to the outside world on a daily basis. However, these are the teeth that are most likely to be ravaged by cavities and decay and they need to be paid attention to.

In Forney, an emergency dentist does not select the material he will use when creating a filling based on where the affected tooth is located inside the mouth. Instead, Dr. Alles decides whether or not to fill a tooth with a composite resin material based on the side of the cavity and how much tooth structure is going to have to be removed during the treatment process. If too much tooth structure needs to be removed to eliminate the cavity entirely, then a filling will be traded out for a crown. Full coverage dental crowns are the preferred option when more than two-thirds of the natural structure of a tooth has to be removed over the course of the treatment process.

Thankfully, most patients who visit the emergency dentist in Forney at least once every six months will have any cavities they develop caught at an early stage. This allows a Forney emergency dentist like Dr. Alles to make repairs early and usually eliminates the need to opt for a full coverage crown. Instead, Dr. Alles will treat most of these cases with resin composite fillings.

Although some dentists still use amalgam fillings, Dr. Alles says the aesthetic qualities of composite far outweigh this outdated material. While he believes that amalgam is a material that works just as well for patients who need cavities removed on their anterior and posterior teeth, its lack of aesthetic beauty – and the fact that it does not blend in with or match any other teeth in the mouth – is the main reason why patients and dentists today prefer to use composite instead.

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