Are Braces Purely a Cosmetic Treatment?

Most people think of braces as a purely cosmetic treatment used to create prettier, straighter smiles. While there is no denying that orthodontia does help improve the aesthetics of people’s smiles, Dr. Jordan J. Balvich, DMD, PC says orthodontia does much more than just that. In Rensselaer, braces are used to treat many types of oral conditions and deformities.

Dr. Balvich says braces in Rensselaer have much more to do with function than beauty. The aesthetic benefits that people get after wearing braces are merely side products of a treatment intended to improve the way people’s mouths function and operate.

Many of the patients who come into Dr. Balvich’s office in Rensselaer for braces have joint problems that cause them to get migraines quite often. This is a particularly prevalent problem among female patients. By moving the teeth and putting them in the proper position, an orthodontist can significantly reduce migraines for people who suffer from this condition.

To explain the benefits of braces in Rensselaer even further, Dr. Balvich uses the metaphor of a parking lot. When all the cars in a parking lot are parked neatly in their spaces, everyone can open their door to get in and out of their vehicles without having any trouble. But, if just one car is canted or parked outside of its space, then it becomes impossible for everyone else to get in or out of their cars without banging their doors into other vehicles. Dr. Balvich says this same principle applies to the teeth. An orthodontist needs to put the teeth into the proper position so they can function properly. If even one tooth is out of position, it messes up alignment and function throughout the mouth.

Men and women can avoid conditions like TMJ, migraine headaches, and even simple common headaches by getting their teeth straightened with the help of braces in Rensselaer. Misaligned teeth also contribute to decreased health in the bone, which is why Dr. Balvich says there are fewer instances of gum disease associated with straight teeth than restricted teeth.

People who have worn braces tend to have bones that are healthier, they have less decay on their teeth, less chipping, and less fracturing. Therefore, Dr. Balvich says that wearing braces clearly has much more to do with improving the function of a smile that changing the appearance and making it look prettier.

For more information on how wearing braces could improve your own oral health, Dr. Balvich recommends contacting his office and scheduling a consultation appointment.

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