Aesthetic Procedures at the Periodontist’s Office

When periodontists were asked in year’s past about the most common procedures they performed in their offices, many would talk about gingivectomies. Gingivectomies, which are surgical periodontal procedures that involve the removal of gingival tissue for aesthetic purposes, have fallen out of fashion as of late. According to Dr. Ann Hammi Blue of Blue Periodontics and Implants, modern gingivectomies are generally only performed when they are associated with orthodontics or aesthetic crown lengthening procedures.

This does not mean, however, that periodontists are no longer performing surgeries. On the contrary, the Phoenix gum disease expert says she does all types of periodontal surgeries in an effort to help patients who suffer from gum disease in Phoenix. She also does a number of aesthetic surgeries to help patients who are embarrassed about their “gummy” smiles, exposed roots, or missing teeth.

At her office in Phoenix, Dr. Blue now uses surgical techniques to make the teeth look longer and reduce the look of “gummy” smiles. By adjusting the amount of exposed tooth, and removing the soft tissue above the teeth, as well as some of the hard tissue, Dr. Blue effectively re-contours her patients’ teeth and creates prettier smiles.

Dr. Blue recommends that anyone who is not happy with the look of his or her smile come into her office for a consultation. Most people know if they have gummy smiles, however, they may not know which options are available for treating this problem. If a person sees too much gum tissue around his smile and thinks that his teeth look short as a result, then that can usually be addressed with an aesthetic crown lengthening procedure.

Other surgical procedures that Dr. Blue offers involve tooth coverage and connective tissue grafts, and dental implant placements. Most people know if they need a dental implant – since they know if they have a missing or broken tooth – but they may not know whether they need surgery to treat exposed roots or gum disease. In Phoenix, Dr. Blue says that patients should be on the lookout for common symptoms of gum disease – which include shifting of the teeth, bad breath, and inflamed gums – in order to know when they should seek help from a periodontal expert.

At her office, Dr. Blue does all kinds of gum surgeries. While her main focus is on treating gum disease in Phoenix, she also offers a number of aesthetic procedures that can help people feel better about their teeth and their smiles.

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