A Step-By-Step Guide to the Dental Implant Placement Procedure

Dental implant placement is a multi-step process that can take weeks to complete. According to Dr. Peter Domogala of the Institute of Dental Implants and Periodontics, a periodontist who specializes in dental implants in Gurnee, Illinois, only qualified and experienced professionals should be entrusted to place dental implants.

The process of placing a dental implant truly begins with a tooth that has been knocked out or lost in some way. When a patient is missing one or more teeth, then the most commonly accepted restorative options are dental implants, bridges, and dentures. In Gurnee, dental implants are seen as the more secure, stable, and healthy option for preserving bone and restoring beauty to the mouth.

When a patient comes in requesting dental implants and Dr. Domogala has determined that this person is a good candidate for the treatment, the Gurnee dental implants expert will begin by performing a three-dimensional CAT scan. This CAT scan is performed prior to the implant placement, easily allowing the surgeon to see whether there is enough bone in the mouth to prevent the implant from impinging on any vital structures. These CAT scans serve as an important way of determining that the implant will not be close to any nerves or any sinuses, as well.

The next step in the dental implant placement process is to put the implant in. Dr. Domogala says the actual implant procedure is very simple. It is done with a local anesthetic, which means people can drive themselves to the appointment. The dental professional will use various instruments, which start out very thin and get wider until they are the approximate size of the implant. When the instrument is at the correct size, then the implant will be threaded into the bone and it will be allowed to heal for a period of time. Once the implant has healed, then a tooth will be made to go on top of it.

Of all the surgeries that Dr. Domogala performs at his practice, the periodontist says implant placement is among the least painful to patients. Patients who have undergone implant surgery take the least amount of pain medication afterward. Although the procedure itself sounds like it might hurt, the actuality of the situation is that there is very little discomfort involved during the healing process.

Dental implants in Gurnee do not cost very much more than conventional dentistry. In fact, they sometimes cost less. With that in mind, Dr. Domogala says implants are much more affordable than most people realize. He recommends that people who are curious about implants contact his office to learn more.

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